Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hurry up, make sure YOU too Decide with US!

Hey friends, I am publishing this post on behalf of Shilpa who mailed it to me.

Date for Blog-a-Ton 2 : September 5, 2009
Topic declaration : August 29, 2009

We move into the next phase of Blog-a-Ton 2!!

And the going seems to be great, as more of us are joining the blogging marathon at Blog-a-Ton.

Please join hands in welcoming the following new Blog-a-Tonics….
Thank you everybody for your overwhelming response for topic suggestion for Blog-a-Ton 2.

We have received the following suggestions: Number of votes these have received till now have been mentioned in the brackets

Topics Related to Education and Teaching: (The reason behind this theme: 5th September is Teacher’s Day!!)
  1. 'Gurus' of Yesterday, 'Teachers' Today! / Yester Year Teachers Vs Present Day Teachers/ Teachers : Aaj Kal / Gurus vs Teachers (7 - Vipul, Kaddu, Pawan, Dhiman, Shruti, Richa, Mou)
  2. Is the Purpose of Education Lost? (4- Azad, Pramathesh, Bharathi, Indian Pundit)
  3. Computers (coupled with internet, e-learning modules et all) Replace Teachers?? (3- Shilpa, Sojo, Musings)
  4. Education et al (1 - Pramathesh)
  5. Teachers - Thought Shapers or Money Gobblers (1 - Pawan)
  6. Teaching a Service or a Profession?? (1 - Shankar)

Other Suggestions:
  1. Thunders and Blunders of 62 years!! (4- Azad, Sid, Shruti, Evascentthoughts)
  2. Internet-aholics Anonymous / Internet-Use and Misuse In Daily Life (2- Aneet, ARJuna)
  3. Monday Morning Blues (1 - Aneet)
  4. Innovation And Ideas: The Indian Scenario (1 - ARJuna)
  5. Internet and Self Publicity (1 - Pramathesh)
  6. Are Comics Good For You? (1 - Aneet)
Here, even if any Blog-a-Tonic has suggested or voted for more than 1 topic, each suggestion and vote has been given full weightage, that is regarded as complete vote. In future, a single suggestion will be entertained as with increasing numbers of participants keeping a track becomes difficult for us.

  • So, now please vote for ANY of the above mentioned topics only if you have not yet voted!!
  • No new topics will be entertained at this point.
  • Top 3 topics from this the previous week and this week’s voting will be filtered for the next phase of voting starting on August 22, 2009 for the Final Topic which will be declared on August 29, 2009.

Hurry, rush in your VOTES NOW!!


  1. its nice to see such a lot of participants this time......

  2. I think I will go with - Is the purpose of Education Lost.

  3. Navita -

    My vote for Guru's for yesterdays Teachers' Today! / Yester Year Teachers Vs Present Day Teachers/ Teachers : Aaj Kal / Gurus vs Teachers

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I go with 'Gurus' of Yesterday, 'Teachers' Today! / Yester Year Teachers Vs Present Day Teachers/ Teachers : Aaj Kal / Gurus vs Teachers.


    The question is regarding this topic:
    "Gurus of yesterday,Teachers of today/ Yester Year Teachers vs Present Day teachers/...."

    A large number of blog-a-tonics are quite young and are exposed to only "Teachers of Today"......NOT to "YesterYear teachers" are they gonna write???????????????

  7. @ Indian Pundit: We can know about the yesteryear teachers from the anecdotes told by our parents and grandparents. And also, in the last ten years teachers have also changed their mindsets completely.

    So it can help!

    I am not a blog marshall though, but I guess you can count my theory!

  8. @IP.. Well, I believe Pawan has answered it rightly.. I hop tht helps u :)

  9. Hi Vipul and Pawan

    Firstly, i am NOT really complaining guys.i can write on this topic too.

    Its just that , i guess older bloggers will start with an advantage "of experience".Just my two cents.

    Cheers man for this wonderful initiative called Blog-a-ton. Shows your innovative mind.

  10. Hey IP if they know better about the past, we know better about the present.. Its all about first hand 'experience' as u say:)

  11. wen i said anything on education.. i meant to be with all the topic"s" that relate to education.

    Among the current ones I like
    'Gurus' of Yesterday, 'Teachers' Today!

  12. Yup, i undrstood tht, jus cmpild it in a hurry:)
    Any way edited ur vote!

  13. Hey nobody is voting for topics I suggested!!!
    Just kidding there...but really it's quite heartening to see such great participation in the process from all you people.
    It's a good point that IP suggested a few comments ago. And I think others should come forward with any queries that they have too, please feel free to discuss it.
    Keep up the enthusiastic participation!!!

  14. Since this is August and the month of Independence , I would vote for "Thunders and Blunders of 62 years!! "

  15. Hey Lakshmi, bt the contest is on Sep 5, so not in August.. so u may rethink upon ur vote if u want.. just clarifying as i blive u wer having pblm in undrstanding d pattern!
    Anyway i hop u read my indiblogger rply nd evrythings clear now.. if any othr queries u ofcourse know where 2 find me:)

  16. Hi vipul ,

    Yep i read it but then I thot since the topic declaration is on August , my point cud hold substance ;)

    My second vote would be for "Is the purpose of education lost "

  17. Of couse it holds substance.. ur vote has been countd against the 'Thunders and Blunders of 62 years!!' only..
    Tomoro, I'll shortlist top three posts for further voting and with this vote of your's, it has kind of ensured its place :)

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Can i vote for my own suggestions...!!!
    Kiddin guys..!!
    Lets keep future blog-a-tons on smaller intervals!!

  20. hey shekher, this mnth its luking so lengthy coz the mnth has 5 satrdays. Blog-a-Ton being scheduled evry 1st sat, has been delayed by one whole week.. Nxt time period will b automatically shorter by a week:)
    nd yeah let d time progress, I'll cum up with new ideas 2 keep u all engaged :)

  21. i will prefer: gurus yesterday, teachers today!
    and please add me to the present blogatonics list!