Saturday, August 22, 2009

Time to do - 3.. 2.. 1..

Date for Blog-a-Ton 2 : September 5, 2009
Topic declaration : August 29, 2009

We are finally down to just THREE topics and one of these will become the final topic for the second edition of Blog-a-Ton. Topic selection, it seems is taking a lot of time. It is due to the fact that this month has five Saturdays. Next month, automatically, the time for the whole process will get truncated by a week.

First of all, lets welcome the new Blog-a-Tonics;

An important notice before I continue with the task at hand..
Please check our blogroll. If you want your name changed or the link which it follows to be modified to some other blog of yours, please let us know in the comments section.

So here, we are at the final stage of Topic Selection. There were some great suggestions but only these three had it in them to survive till here.

The three topics along with the number of votes and the names of all those Blog-a-Tonics who suggested or voted for them are:
  1. Teachers : Aaj Kal (1o - Vipul, Kaddu, Pawan, Dhiman, Shruti, Richa, Mou, Navita, Raji, Anirban)
  2. Is the Purpose of Education Lost? (4.5- Azad, Pramathesh, Bharathi, Indian Pundit, Avdi)
  3. Thunders and Blunders of 62 years!! (4.5- Azad, Sid, Shruti, Evascentthoughts, Mr.R)


  • From amongst the various suggestions for the title of the Teachers : Aaj Kal topic, the given one has been finalised. If anyone finds it to be linguistically discriminating, feel free to go for Teachers : Now and Then or Teachers : translation of 'Aaj Kal' in your mother tongue.
  • Azad's two votes have been reduced to half each, that's why 4.5 votes for the last two topics. (You can opt for either, to give full weightage.)

So now what next?

  • If you find your topic among the top 3, just sit and wait.
  • Other's whose names do not feature here (because their topic failed to garner enough support or bacause they did not participate till now) please vote for the topic of your choice from the given three.
  • Just leave a comment with the title of the topic to vote.
Topic declaration : August 29, 2009
Date for Blog-a-Ton 2 : September 5, 2009


  1. Man!! That was a stroke of brilliance!!
    Half a vote for each!!! Awesome!!
    Will opt for one in the later stages ;)


  2. I vote for the Teachers: Aaj kal

  3. Hey,
    How can i become a blog-a-tonic???

  4. Looks like Teachers Aaj Kal is going to win. Better start preparing points for this blog !

  5. Yeah, it seems so u shud strt writing the post.. d topic sumwat seems finalised.. still cant close it:)

  6. @WHO M I.. plz strt following the blog.. to bcum a blog-a-ton.. its tht simple:)

  7. I vote for
    2.Is the Purpose of Education Lost?

  8. Seems like its going to be "love aaj kal " oops Teachers Aaj Kal .

    Still let me vote for what i voted in the initial round.

    "Thunders and blunders of 60 years"

    P.S > My name Lakhshmi Rajan not ranjan :)

  9. @WHO M I.. Yeah u cn vote:)
    bt i fail 2 c u in the followers widget. By joining/following, i mean following us thru the followers widget present in the side bar..

  10. I vote for - Teachers Aaj Kal
    Though "Thunders and blunders of 60 years" sounds good... it is similar to Blog a Ton 1.

  11. my vote goes to..Teachers aaj kal..
    my blog link is

  12. i have updated my you can blog roll me link is right there...:)