Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blog-a-Ton is back.. Lets make it 3 times lucky!!!

Date for Blog-a-Ton 3 : October 3, 2009
Topic declaration : September 26, 2009

So here we are back with the third edition of Blog-a-Ton after conducting two successful ones in the last two months.

Membership has been increasing all this time. So lets welcome the latest members first of all.
I must thank all of you for replying the couple of queries last time. On the basis of the general consensus reached there, we will continue with a single topic for the Blog-a-Ton 3 too.

So with this, I invite your suggestions for the topic for Blog-a-Ton 3. Please keep the following things in mind while suggesting.
  • The topic should be general in scope, so that more and more Blog-a-Tonics can participate.
  • Before suggesting, go through the previous ones for sure.
  • If you like any of those, VOTE for them rather than giving a new suggestion.
  • If you like a suggested topic but don't like the wordings, still VOTE for it and alongside suggest a new title for it.
  • Give your suggestions and votes in the comments section of this post.
  • Please keep these points in mind to make our job easier.
Kindly volunteer to compile all the suggestions every third day and post them together in the comments section to help others.

Looking forward to some interesting suggestions
Yours blog-a-tonically


  1. I want to be a member of blog a ton.
    How should I proceed?

  2. Hello Everybody

    My Suggestions:

    1) The Indian Dream
    2) Thunders and Blunders of last 62 years( suggested in blog-a-ton 2)
    3) 9/11 and The Changed World
    4)My Dream Job
    6)How to deal with Pakistan?

    @RSV start following this blog.

  3. Hey guys, Good to have the next one on the road.

    My suggestion:
    1.India and the Millennium Development Goals.
    2.Will the world end in 2012?

    Will let you know if I get more... C ya

  4. I suggest

    1. India and the Millennium Development Goals.
    2. The world :from Osama to Obama to what??
    3. The Indian Dream

  5. I support the Indian Dream as thr is a lot of scope in the topic. One may intrprt it in any way nd it will b nice 2 read all of thm..

  6. The Indian Dream seconded.

    We will be having the pujas in Calcutta during the 3rd edition, a topic with too much research won't allow me to participate! :P

  7. 1) Thunders and Blunders of last 62 years( suggested in blog-a-ton 2)

    2) The Indian Dream

  8. Vipul i wanna join Blog-a-thon please add me

  9. Hey Hi,
    I like this topic very nice...

    2.Will the world end in 2012?

    Other than that...I have a funny topic to nominate..

    1. Office Space, things that you see in office...

  10. oh correction...

    1. Office/College/School space there u write incident u saw or felt in ur school/college/office...

  11. Overtly political topics will just be a regurgitation of what's being parroted in the media. There are dime a dozen pundits doling out public opinion on it.

    My 2 Cents

    1. Indian Dream -- Not overtly political. It is open to interpretation like Vipul noted.

    If we want to showcase creativity a more generalistic tone of (1) may help too.

    2. I have a dream -- can be for you/India/or just a dream

    3. The best day of my life

  12. Hmm... I like:

    1)I have a dream

    2)Office space

    My suggestion:

    I read books because...

  13. Hi :)
    I like:

    1.I have a dream -- can be for you/India/or just a dream

    2.The best day of my life

  14. Hi,
    I like
    :-Indian Dream
    we will be having entirely different views from everybody, and of all types,
    ..with this topic

  15. I have a funny topic:

    Getting Married/ Making of a Marriage:-

    A marriage is a comedy of errors, and everybody sees it differently. Those who are getting married and those who are helping to get married have a totally opposite views. It would be fun to write and read about this topic.

  16. I like Mr. Pramathesh™ Borkotoky's Getting Married/ Making of a Marriage, too
    It will make a great topic, challenging and versatile!

  17. I like "Thunders and Blunders of last 62 years" topic.. Indian dream also looks good but what exactly is Indian Dream? I did not understand the topic- Is it a dream about India? or dream of an Indian?

  18. Austerity drive of Politicians - your views
    could be a nice one to blog in my opinion in the keepin in mind the recent past

  19. I have a dream is also a great one to blog

  20. @avada kedavra..
    Well, the beauty of the topic "Indian dream" is that it has no definite meaning. So u hav d freedom 2 intrprt it d way u want.. This solves two problems - Writers block due to constrained topic and secondly, a single topic for everyone keeping with the theme of blog-a-ton :)

  21. @Ashwini

    Its just the DESI version of American Dream........hope u get the point.
    We Indians too have certain dreams and aspirations about ourselves and about our country.

    Cheers yaar

  22. its OPEN to different interpretations as pointed out by Vipul.

  23. hey I think we should drift a little from serious topics am Game for
    1)Office space ,or Boss v/s You,types of Bosses lolssss

  24. Office space ,or Boss v/s You is a very specific topic.. Its not meant for students, unemployed or self employed ppl and i blive many r like this here. Plz go for genral topics.
    Secondly, its upto the blogger how he/she deals with the topic. Even Teachers : Aaj Kal seems too serious bt take a cue from Sid, Ajinkya and Aneet, the way they prsntd it, full of humour and wit.

  25. point taken sir you are right ...but can be modified to . Office/College/School space there u write incident u saw or felt in ur school/college/office...

  26. @Sweet nothings

    Office/College/School space there u write incident u saw

    The problem is anybody can fake it!!

  27. @Sweet nothings, @Indian Pundit,

    Office/College/School space there u write incident u saw
    The problem is anybody can fake it!!

    Try a more generic "All in a Day's Work" or "All in a Day".

  28. @ Vipul

    I admire your initiative. I have just joined this place :)

    I vote for-Indian Dream! vague and yet going to be interesting with different perpectives from everyone. :)

  29. @Madhu.. yup, u r right.. I was bout 2 request d same thing frm those who suggest the topic.. tht pls provide some concrete catchy title rather than some abstract thoughts..
    'All in a Day's work' sounds good.. or we may also have sumthing like. 'It happened to me'.
    However, I'll stick with The Indian Dream :)

    @Aditya.. thanx a lot.. u r welcome 2 blog-a-ton.

  30. hmmm..... it looks like The Indian Dream has mass support.

  31. The Indian Dream - my vote for this topic :)

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  33. nice thing u guys got going on here
    i would love to join in as well

    n if i can vote(although i m not yet a member of ur grp) here i too like the topic "The Indian Dream"

  34. Hi I have my blog on

    Devashish Rao

    Kindly add me to this edition of Blog-a-ton.


  35. And Vipul,I passed one of the awards I got to you: see my blog :)

  36. oops vipul u already replied here!!(and i am posting questions in IB..LOL)and i dint kno this(i hate to comment on blogger blogs with wp identity..i rarely get a notification so that i can track back...)

    Indian dream is a nice suggestion ..because it would be subjective to people..!!like my content and other contents can have huge differences..yet we may speak about the same thing..our India..

    PS:pls somehow try to add that TRACK COMMENT VIA MAIL OPTION here..

  37. Vipul,
    Blog-a-ton has seen a phenomenal growth, but I found the topic selection process of the previous editions better.
    But nevertheless "Indian Dream sounds better"

  38. Wow,I would love to join this. I like The Indian Dream,And the Office/college/School topic.

  39. The most nostalgic news I have heard would be - Doordarshan turning 50..

    My suggestions :

    1) Doordarshan - what changed in 50 years in the "darshan" of Indian TV?
    2) Austerity - Suggest the society ways to live austere effectively.
    3) A vote for the topic Indian Dream in the most general forms.
    4) Instead of school/college/office, how about just All in a day? Your one special day's experience whatever be it...

  40. "All in a day" is another nice suggestion...

  41. @Narendra.. Track comment via email option is already thr buddy..
    It reads Subscribe by email just below comments window.. tak a luk:)

    @Pawan.. I'll wrk on the topic selection process in d cuming blog-a-tons.. thnx 4 taking it up:)

    @Miss-Nobody nd naveen.. u r most welcum:)

  42. where where...kaha?kaha??where is the track comment option??

    god somebody get me a brain upgrade...blogger blogs are so confusing..

    it says select profile,post comment,preview

    and after few lines it says

    Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)

    cant find :( :(

  43. oops frozen well is narendra( not vice versa..LOL)

  44. all in a day(as long as it is about ONE particular day) is better a topic than Indian dream...Indian dream can wait for err blog-a-ton 4!!

  45. Well narendra, i now realise tht u cn see it only if u r logged in with a google account, i.e. gmail account.

  46. yay got it..thanks friend..pls delete my irrelevant comments
    (first u got to sign in to google acc then press follow up by email,then change ur profile ie wp,Lj so on then post comment)

    Blogging is fun only if u are fast at these things :P

  47. hello,

    I would like to be member of blog a ton! Please let me know the procedure or add me to the list.
    Here is my blog link.