Friday, October 16, 2009

Time for Blog-a-Ton 4!

Date for Blog-a-Ton 4 : November 7, 2009
Topic declaration : October 31, 2009

It is Diwali eve and we are joined by our 100th member. What a great time to kick start the fourth edition of Blog-a-Ton after conducting three successful ones in the last three months.

Membership has been increasing all this time. So lets welcome the latest members first of all.
In case you have joined our Fan page on Facebook but are still not following us through the Google Friend Connect widget on this blog, do it right away. It is a mandatory step to become a Blog-a-Tonic, get blogrolled and participate in our events .

So with this, I invite your suggestions for the topic for Blog-a-Ton 4. Please keep the following things in mind while suggesting.
  • Each member can suggest only one topic.
  • The topic should be general in scope, so that more and more Blog-a-Tonics can participate.
  • Before suggesting, go through the previous ones for sure.
  • If you like any of those, VOTE for them rather than giving a new suggestion.
  • If you like a suggested topic but don't like the wordings, still VOTE for it and alongside suggest a new title for it.
  • In case you have already suggested a topic but find some subsequent suggestion better than yours, you are allowed to vote for it. But this can be done only once.
  • Give your suggestions and votes in the comments section of this post.
  • Do not embolden your comment using HTML bold tag. Only the Marshal is allowed to use it.
  • Please keep these points in mind to make my job easier.
  • In case a comment is not posted according to these rules, it will be deleted.
Kindly volunteer to compile all the suggestions every third day and post them together in the comments section to help others.

Wishing you all a prosperous and safe Diwali
 Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. Why cant we do it different this time. The topic I suggest is

    'crème de la crème'

    They can nominate the best post in their blog so far for this competition.

  2. Hi,

    Even though I "Follow" (and even "Stalk" your blog), I don't see my ignored-everywhere-Name on your member blogroll. Please do the needful.

    Anyway, I would simply delete "Dream" from the previous topic and suggest "THE INDIAN" as the topic for Blog-A-Ton-4.

  3. I'd like to suggest 'An Ode to...' someone who has influenced you in your life in any way.

    Had to delete my previous comment because I used the blog tag and hadn't read that part of the rules...

  4. second bharathi.-'crème de la crème'

  5. Hey Bharathi mamu, nope thats not possible.. We can't change the format bcoz i had askd everyone about it but the majority is against it.. democracy u see :)

    @Talking skull.. in case u r following the blog, the only possible reason, u r'nt blogrolled is tht the profile thru which u r following mst not b carrying ur bloglink.. Anyway, plz mention the row and column no. of ur profile on the Followers widget nd u will b duly blogrolled :)

  6. My suggestion (from last blog-a-ton, suggested by Mr. Pramathesh™ Borkotoky) .....

    "Getting Married/ Making of a Marriage"

    It would be nice to read diff people's take on it ..n it can be easily presented in diff genre
    there are a couple of nice topics in previous blog-a-ton suggestions ...though I can only propose one !!

  7. getting married sounds good! I mean the topic :D I second swami :)

  8. not sure if i can take part in BAT4.. :( so i must be having no buisness SUGGESTING topics... :P

    all the best to all the participants..may we all have a hard time reading all the submissions..and may we find no time to fully read all of them...


    in short...may we have a 100 submissions this time.. :)

  9. great. My topic would be- "A perfect day". It can be about anything that happened in one whole day of our life.

  10. ...Perfect day...

    Is an awesome topic! It avoids all political, religious and marital under- and overtones! :P

  11. Hi Vipul,

    Even i don't see my blog on the blogroll. I am the 1st row , 4th column follower as of 17th Oct 12:42am

  12. @Vipul,
    Just wanted to alert that in IndiBlogger Forum, winner Guria's name has a typo (I think..? ). It is spelt Gu'd'ia.

    PS : Rather than any other typos a Gudia (doll) for Guria maybe a compliment and she may want to keep it that way :-)

  13. @Narendra.. Amen

    @Prashant.. Hey, I haven't blogrolled the latest batch yet.. Will do it in a short while :)

    @Madhu.. Thnx so mch for alerting me.. I did tht the second time. She would kill me if she comes to know :)

  14. @Sudarshan aka Talking Skull.. Um blogrolling you.. just found your profile and as I had said, your profile did not contain your blog-link :)

  15. OK mams. but y cant u leave my topic as it is so that we can see if the majority changes their mind. still democracy ;-)

  16. @ Swami
    Thanks for remembering the topic. It was very nice of you.

  17. my suggestion is...please avoid patriotic and serious topics, man reading 40-50 post on serious issues drains the mood completely.

    Lets keep something funny, maybe a Fiction-55???

  18. hey, i would suggest
    'My last wish'

    i thought of this, as scientific facts are forcing us to believe, that end of this planet is not far
    so, i thought it would be gud to write about your last wish

  19. @mamu.. hey i didn't get it.. ur comment is thr as it is!!!!!
    nd yeah, stop living in ur dream world.. in our world, even democracies are run by dictators.. huhuhahahaha

    @Sid.. hey 55 Fiction is a way of presentation. The format is to have a topic and ppl 2 write on it the way they want..
    So why not suggest sum real catchy and funny bt most importantly general topic :)
    nd yeah as i just replied to bharathi we have a dictatorial democracy here, so don't xpct any change in the format any time soon :p

    Guys just kidding.. if there are any new suggestion, start a new discussion on Facebook Fan page and i'll give a link to this discussion on subsequent posts as well as send an update on Facebook:)

  20. I second Sid in saying that the topic should be funny..


  21. I have my exams on the 7th... :(
    Vipul, man, you were almost killed! :P
    Thanks Madhu, Guria still means a doll, (a cute one too :P) and the word looks better spelled this way :D

    I thought of a stupid topic, keeping the latest rage in mind- "Why should I get that Nobel" (in any of the categories :))


  22. I would combine Sid and Guria/Gudia's topic. So, it would be a 55 fiction on "Why Should i get that Nobel (say) Peace prize?"

  23. How about "Hallucinations?"
    A topic which can be dealt in all ways including a poetic way!

  24. I third the topic " ... Perfect day..." and how come there are so many mamus and mams here??? LOL its local chennai language guys..

  25. @Guria.. thankgod just 'almost' :)

    @Raji.. Bharathi is giving me some lessons on Chennai lingo :)

  26. I liked this topic: "An Ode to...' someone who has influenced you in your life in any way. "and I vote for sid's idea of making it funny.. Dont make the topic political or serious this time!

  27. Looks like we are not reaching anywhere!

  28. @ Vipul : I've got exams too... I dont know what I'm gonna do and I'm also completing a year for my blog this november!! God help me!!

  29. I would definitely want a fun topic this time..I suggest "If I were a baby again"

  30. I want to change my topic. As no one seems to vote for my topic. And I don't see any other topic gaining popularity.

    My new topic is : "The Gun as a Civilization"

    The topic was inspired by one blogger, "The Munchkin Wrangler"

    The topic can be funny and humorous, and sattire is thrust into the topic.

  31. i suggest this one..

    "you can't trust freedom when its not in your hands"
    pretty lenghty though.. maybe if u can understand the deeper meaning, u can write different stories..


    this is link of my blog. Feeling good to see my self rolled here.


    topic easy one...How did you celebrate diwali?

  33. How about Climate Change what with all the hype on the climate change meeting at Copenhagen this week?!?!?!
    If not this then, I would second the topic suggested by Swami Naveen---Getting Married!!!

  34. Anyone interested in compiling the suggestions along with no. of votes.. If u do so, put the comment in bold tag to make it clearly visible..

    I won't be returning till topic declaration day as I am busy with exams.

    I hope you guys select an interesting topic.


  35. Here's the summary so far :

    A Perfect Day - 4
    (I added my vote to this)

    Getting Married - 3

    crème de la crème - 2

    Why Should I get that Nobel - 2

    An Ode To - 2

    Happy November

    My Last Wish

    One Funny Day


    If I were a Baby Again

    The Gun As a Civilization

    You Can't Trust Freedom When It is Not In Your Hands

    Climate Change

    The Indian

  36. i would like to vote,

    if i were a baby again

  37. my vote goes to if i were a baby...(now that i know i can participate this time too :) :) )but i strobgly sggest not to have THE INDIAN ever again..:P i mean im tired of reading serious stuf..

    vipul another suggestion i have regardig voting...pls allow everyone to vote(followers i mean) cos if they dont vote..they wont wat is the purpose of having them following all this???

    better still-they all participate :) :)

    but as many posts come in it will make reading/ commenting/voting so much tougher

    eventually can we not scrap the voting thing? :P just a thought...i dont expect to be

  38. My 2 cents on Narendra's suggestions :

    1. Scrap Voting Eventually : Given the saccharine sweet comments(understandably for objective commenting will not garner votes :-) ), sans the voting it is hard to guage what resonated with the group. Also IMHO scrapping the voting will make this effort moot..

    2. Allow ALL followers to Vote : I second this. But I would add that non-participating followers be given 1/2 vote and not a full vote. It ensures more weitage to people who did take the time to participate. I understand some people might be busy, but who isn't ?

    My addition :

    3. Previous participants : For participants who have participated in the previous BAT (we can make it previous 2 to expand this a bit), we can allow 1 vote even if they are not participating this time. Given that they did participate last time, a full vote is justified (??)

    Marshal Grover's decision is final ;-)

  39. Even I change my vote to "If I were a Baby Again"

  40. @MADHU...but that makes it all complicated..people are people..i would quit if my votes were considered as HALF!!(and if such a thing ever happens..I surely will) because they have read and hence what does that have to do with participation...and stuff...appreciation is the keyword..

    if by some reason i can not vote and i have read a few...then i say i must vote..and i vote ONE(any ONE) out of the four or five i does that feel ???

    IHMO the major objective of blog-a-ton is writing simultaneous on a topic..and analyzing how different we can get!it is just the sheer joy or stuff like that..for me readership is greater than votes...ok i can understand that voting helps me understand what we deduce from the whole thing..but then it is an individual opinion,everyone neednt agree with the top blogger :P :P
    i mean..then how does voting be equated to agenda of blog-a-ton(.while the cliche participation is winning is the main motive of all this..and when winning it or not hardly matters..)????

    if at all people get to vote,all their votes must be given equal values!!please..

  41. @Madhu and Narendra.. Thats an interesting discussion taking shape..

    Well, voting is an important aspect of this event. However, the focus remains as Narendra puts it, "writing simultaneously on a topic and analysing how different we can get."

    I have been curiously tracking the commenting trend on the posts. Madhu's assertions hold weight but based on my observations, there's no denying the fact that most of the participants are leaving genuine comments on others' posts and reciprocation in form of votes is not driving them.

    Now coming to procedure of voting, I had tried an elaborate one in Blog-a-Ton 2 but this makes my job very difficult. Unlike Indiblogger, here I have to count everything manually.. Hence to keep a track of who participated, who not, who participated in last 2 events, etc is a bit, rather very difficult.

    However, I agree with Madhu on 1/2 vote for non-participants. Narendra, I don't want this event to prop up popular bloggers with lots of friends to end up winning it while deserving lesser popular ones end up empty handed.
    Hence, some sort of filter is required. Something similar was done in Blog-a-Ton 2.

    Well, in that Blog-a-Ton sadly other than 1, no non-partcipant voted. Even that 1, I think voted for hos blogger friend through whom he had joind the blog-a-ton if i remember it rightly.

    For this reason, I discontinued it and most probably it will remain so in near future too. Maximum will be going with Madhu's suggestion of half vote.

    I'll like other's to give thire suggestions too and Madhu and Narendra to put forward any further rebuttle. I'll be happy to change my stand.

  42. Hey Madhu thanks for compiling all suggestions..

    Well, my vote too goes for, If I were a baby again!

  43. Vipul

    i dont agree with half vote thing because.
    a)you say popular ones win-Doesn't matter!!
    b)A large number of people DO READ it and vote!counting them half times is like say, making clear to them that they are inferior or something!!
    c)It simply makes things difficult for vipul :) :P

    so this was about ME..lets have a show of hands about this..ill go with democracy...:P

    what an idea sirji..

    for now let us concentrate on the topic..

  44. also

    Vipul,you say about indiblogger...can we not somehow ask them to count our votes :P :P everything happens here..and voting/counting there..i mean they have all the necessary tools..


  45. ok i should not write things in different comments...

    well i used this poll thing on my i was wondering that there might be some way where WE BLOG-A-TONICS could cast our vote...not in the comments...what say!!will try to find if there is any such application..

  46. @Narendra,
    It's no different than any performance based incentive plan. If one wants their vote to be counted for full, no one's stopping them for participating ? Why do you think IndiVine has a multiplication factor based of the Indirank ? Or why does your bank waive fee if your balance is over a certain limit ? All to ensure certain level of *active participation*.

    If all that it takes is to 'Join BAT' to get equal voting rights BAT will end up having a lot of dormant members who will not participate but can vote(10 friends of a guy join, never participate but always vote for A kinds like Vipul mentions..).

    On a second thought, even a 1/2 vote for non-participating members may not be fair after all.

    Maybe we can just say you can vote(full vote) if you had participated in the past 2 BATs. That way we do not penalize someone who would have participated but had exams or other non-negotiables hindering their participation...

  47. I second Madhu.. non participants must not be allowed to vote or should be given 1/2 vote.

  48. We are in a democracy. So, all the votes should be counted equal, it also becomes easier to count. I don't blog for fetching votes, although it is a good feeling to get votes for blogging. Also, when I vote, I vote for the post I like and not to my best friend. I guess, it is the same for most of you.

  49. yeah i too dont want half vote thing...but as Madhu said..we can allow ppl who did participate in the previous BATs...well i agree with tat idea...but NOT SEHMAT with half value votes...:)

  50. Hey thanks to those who voted for my topic "If I were a baby.. " :)

  51. What's wrong with half votes thing? I did not get the point :P It's not like we are not counting their votes at all

  52. For topic, I would also like a funny one. Anything would be fine.

    For topic like "Getting married", would not it be difficult for married people, because they have already done it.

    For 55 fiction even on one topic, my point because it is only in 55 words,may be it would be difficult to differentiate the quality of posts, i.e. they would be much closer because u get only 55 words to express yourself.So the judgement might not be proper.

    And i dont see any problem with 1/2 vote, that is perfect. We are not blocking non-participant from voting as well as giving more weightage to the participant.

  53. Half votes for non-participants:

    People in favour - Madhu, Avada Kedavra

    People against it - Narendra, Pramathesh

    It seems like a tag team match.. Let the match begin :p

    Friends join in to give your stand
    a) No voting rights for non-participants
    b) 1/2 vote for them
    c) Full vote for them

    And yeah allowing participants of previous 2 bats and kinds is not feasible for me, so sorry um dropping that out of the discussion. I hope you guys understand :)

  54. I would go for 1/2 vote for non-participant.

    So it's B

  55. While I posted the above comment, Mustaf already joined the match on the side of those in favour.
    Well, they also have my secret backing :p

    So its time to take sides now!

  56. Me too will go for 1/2 vote for non-participants....

    ....and immediate family members too (if possible)... :-P

  57. Dear Vipul and others let us do the show of hands and so on...and let us then come to a conclusion about wheter we need to consider votes of NON-participants fully or not!!!

    BUT,,having said that IF the half vote thing gets a nod(from the majority) then I am will make me feel uncomfortable satying here...

    courtesy-horton :P

    so decide and tell me...:P not that MY leavuing makes a huge impact (or makes any at all)..even i am not threatening to leave....hehe..why would i do that?and why would you be threatened...but that is the only way i can see by whihc i can protest..anyways..peace to all..i hope a decison is taken...(and it goes against the half vote thing..;) )

    PS:i hope you understand that ia m just standing for my point(which happens to be the least favorite) and not poiting out at anyone's idea/thinking/support

    the quitting thing is for myself...:P :P :P

    i do not intend to hurt anyone...

  58. @Narendra: I guess you are getting a bit worked up on this.

    Despite the infinite importance of your opinions and participation, the issue will continue to create an unprecedented amount of controversy. Please appreciate that in the true spirit of Indian democracy, we are constrained to choose the "more acceptable evil".

    PS: Your remark "but i strobgly sggest not to have THE INDIAN ever again..:P i mean im tired of reading serious stuf..". Earlier, I decided to let that pass. Now... what can ever be more funny, non-sensible and 'ridicule-able' than "The Indian"?

  59. @talking skull

    I appreciate your concerns(more on the tone of what i speak than on what i speak.)while it is appreciated that everybody else has a right to speak their heart out,it also should mean,without any mentions that I have the same right too!My comment on choosing the topic is my wish wholly and that has nothing to do with views and inputs of other participants.AND if you think that what can ever be more funny,non-sensible and 'ridicule-able'than "The Indian"? ,I dont share the opinion.Just as you have the right to differ same holds good for me and anybody other at all places and all times(except during national emergencies perhaps :P )
    regarding my STAND on the vote debate I think nobody has to bother about controversies(so long as noone is obsessed with ad hominems I? :P a bit ) and as long as we DO NOT personal pass remarks about anybody that tarnishes their image.So nobody needn't worry about whatever they say/type here as long as it doesn't hurt anybody's sentiments(sexual,relegious,personal et cetera).

    Nevertheless I would be hurt extremely if the half vote rule is brought into effect.hence it makes all the more necessary for me to take my STAND against it.That should also mean you are allowed(or say,you are not forbidden from) making/proving/defending/promoting your point!

    please do it.Persuading ME doesn't give you anything.(you know that i am not PM of this country after all :P ) But if that happens it is your victory.I will applaud your debating skills!

    in short-this is a chilled out debate and nobody asks anybody NOT to make any remark(including the tone,words used),which doesnt go in their favour.
    All they can do is speak their point ...period

    PS:If i feel I have said anything wrong i waste no time to apologise.

  60. @ Vipul- I go for half voting rights and I want to change my vote to "If I were a baby again!"

  61. Whatever be the final decision, we expect everyone to accept it happily.
    That said take your stand upon the issue :)

  62. LOL ...yeah vipul....i happily agree whatever happens...:( :(

  63. Hey narendra.. i said happily.. so invert the direction of ur brackets in the two smilies u added 2 ur comment in d end :p

  64. @Narendra: dude, people who dont have time to write a post (spending atmost half an hr), will definitely not have time to read 40+ posts and vote for one of them. So chill :))

  65. so 'baby' looks to be leading with 6 votes if i am right.
    My vote for the 'baby' too.
    So i guess now the tally is 7.

  66. @evanescentthoughts, talk of putting it into perspective so succintly ! touche ! Well said...

  67. Yup, Ashwini put it nicely indeed.. Well it seems we nearing a final decision for both the topic and the voting discussion.

  68. Hey Vipul!!!!
    How can a blogger join Blog-a-ton 4?

    Am a newbie here. Please guide me!

    PS: I have completed the mandatory step of being a follower! What next???

  69. Hi Vipul...

    I have joined here as a follower...
    Is there any other steps to participate in blog-a-ton 4?
    Could you please direct me?

  70. hey mahesh welcome aboard.. u'v done the needful.. now just keep up to date with further notifications 2 participate.. nd niharika thnx 4 showing interest.. jus start following this blog like mahesh and u'll b inductd as a member. everything else as 2 how 2 participate nd stff will bcum clear in further posts.

  71. ok anyways Vipul i'll not act stupid and QUIT BAT4(cos i love kids and i want to have many of them..)and i also know the half vote thing gets the maximum backing...:( :( :(

    dont allow them to vote at all instead..

    i dint know i was such a minority..LOL...well now do some appeasement :P :P

    good luck to all Blog-a-tonics ...

    also @niharika and mahesh do join the blog-a-ton facebook page and get updates of the discussion/ decision et cetera..

  72. I support half-votes to non-participants ... This gives a sense of participation(in the process) to all the members ... Its also a good way to show your appreciation towards the writer even though you yourself couldn't participate ....
    n most importantly it tempts more people to read the entries

  73. Allow non-particiapnts to vote...

    And Vipul I know it makes your job tougher, but I think u can ask any non-particiapnt to help u with counting... what are fellow blog-a-tonicsfor?? :) :)

    I can do it, 'cause it seems I won't be particiapting this time... :( :( :P

    But if I do concoct something at the last hour, I think there'll be several who'll be glad to be of help to the Marshall... brownie points, you see! :P :D

  74. I can safely vote for 'if I were a baby again'... given that I don't think I'll be participating, and I don't want to be a baby again :P :P :P :D

  75. My vote goes to:

    a. No voting rights for non-Participants

  76. what's happening here... i thought we elect a topic here...but it seems we are voting already.... ;) anyways its time for the topic to appear maybe...waiting....