Saturday, May 22, 2010

Its The Time For Blog-a-Ton 11

Date for Blog-a-Ton 11: Jun 5, 2010
Topic declaration May 29, 2010

Hello friends, I am back with yet another edition of Blog-a-Ton. I remember how I started the first post for Blog-a-Ton 10 by sulking about the drop in participation in its previous edition. But times have changed and this time we are entering a new edition with the target to achieve even higher numbers; 60 it was in Blog-a-Ton 10.

But first of all, lets welcome the bloggers who have joined us in our endeavour to reacher newer heights-
  • Anurag Yelkur
  • Weird Real Dreamer (Please provide your bloglink to be blogrolled)
  • Goonj (Please provide your bloglink to be blogrolled)
  • Sudeshna
  • Swatz (Please provide your bloglink to be blogrolled)
  • Huflungpu (Please provide your bloglink to be blogrolled)
  • Ana
You all will be blogrolled soon.

So with this, I invite your suggestions for the topic for Blog-a-Ton 11. Please keep the following things in mind while suggesting.
  • Each member can suggest only one topic.
  • The topic should be general in scope, so that more and more Blog-a-Tonics can participate.
  • Before suggesting, go through the previous ones for sure.
  • If you like any of those, VOTE for them rather than giving a new suggestion.
  • If you like a suggested topic but don't like the wordings, still VOTE for it and alongside suggest a new title for it.
  • In case you have already suggested a topic but find some subsequent suggestion better than yours, you are allowed to vote for it. But this can be done only once.
  • Rather than criticising the suggestions made by others, kindly give better suggestions.
  • Give your suggestions and votes in the comments section of this post.
  • Do not embolden your comment using HTML bold tag.
  • Please keep these points in mind to make my job easier.
In case a comment is not posted according to these rules, it will be deleted.

Encourage your fellow bloggers to participate in this edition. You can share this post on your various social networking profiles through the ShareThis widget.

Click here to have your say in Blog-a-Ton's First Anniversary Celebrations.

Hoping to receive some interesting suggestions
 Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. I suggest "Hidden" as the topic for BAT11 :)

  2. My suggestion is 'In my dreams...' :)

  3. I suggest "Truth" as topic for BAT 11.

  4. I would go with Leo's "Hidden"...We can have variety of shades under this :)

  5. Thanks for the warm welcome to the Blog-A-Ton family!

    Please blogroll me by the link

    And I like Raji's suggestion of "In my dreams...". Should be fun writing about it...

  6. in a fix whether to go for Leo's or for Raji's..

    i'll also go for Leo's "Hidden".. has more possibility i feel.


  7. I'd suggest the topic - The Perfect World!

  8. I think Leos suggestion is going to be our topic once again..I vote for 'Hidden'..:D

  9. I too go with Leo's Suggestion, "HIDDEN".

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  10. Seeing that the current hot favorite is 'Hidden' I chose to 'Hide' my suggestion...:P

    ok just messing...:D no suggestions this time...:D

    I vote for Hidden...:P

  11. Hidden sounds good,

    I don't believe in angels and I don't remember what I dream even 10-15 mins after waking up! So my vote is also for hidden!

    @Vipul, please take in my new account, I had blogrolled and participated earlier with my google account

  12. how about "Last Mile"

    though i loved In my Dreams too

  13. I would go with 'Hunger ". It could be hunger for anything from food to power, money or sex. the options are endless.
    what say?

  14. I also put my vote with the majority - 'Hidden'

  15. the trend is going the other way...
    but i would like to go with Amity's‘SEASONS’

  16. Well Let's Go with flow. I also vote for Leo's "Hidden".

  17. I have a new suggestion "Great Expectations"...What say?

  18. Hope you guys have lots of fun in this BAT.. However, I will be cooling myself off in the Himalayas, so no BAT for me this time :-( All the best, guys...

  19. Hidden it is... Ok guys I don't want to miss the chance... Let me think on hidden now!

  20. i would say "Ehsaas" the various feeling in life which matter, the feelings of love laughter, joy sad etc...feelings are the colors of lives !
    the posts can be english or hindi poetry or articles !
    i think we can have some contest to bring out awareness on issues like going green, environment protection etc, the need of the hour

  21. Now anyone willing to help me?
    I need some chits this time :)
    How do I structure "HIDDEN"... any ideas?

  22. hi Vipul i havent been blogrolled yet though i had participated last time and had even followed ur blog..

    i would go with HIDDEN