Monday, May 10, 2010


Hello fellow Blog-a-Tonics. We have successfully organised 10 editions of Blog-a-Ton. The latest one which concluded last Friday was the biggest by all means. As The Fool puts it,

"This was a landmark Blog-a-ton for many reasons. Of course 10th is in itself a landmark... Other landmarks - greatest number of posts. Half century this time. Greatest number of votes. Greatest number of people in the points list. The list can go on.."

The credit for the same goes to all of you who participated, urged others to participate, took out time to go through the entries and voted for their favourite ones.

Let us welcome the new Blog-a-tonics before proceeding to the main issue;
  • Raksha D'Souza (Please provide your bloglink to be blogrolled)
  • Priyanka
  • Bulls Eye (Please provide your bloglink to be blogrolled)
You all will be blogrolled soon!

As you might be knowing, Blog-a-Ton was born as a discussion initiated by me in the Indiblogger forum. This blog was created on Jul 5, 2009 and hence is nearing its first anniversary. It is still a couple of months away and in between we have Blog-a-Ton 11 too. However, to take the advantage of 5 Saturdays this month, I thought of inititating this discussion before we start discussing the topic for Blog-a-Ton 11. That discussion will open on or before May 22.

A lot of ideas are coming to my mind to make the First Anniversary celebrations more special.

First of all, Blog-a-Ton 12 might be shifted to July 5 (instead of the first Saturday which falls on Jul 3).

Secondly, let's introduce a Blog-a-Ton Hall of Fame where some veteran Blog-a-Tonics will be inducted. For this I want an apt name (to go with our marathon theme) and a nice badge that the inductees can display on their blog. So kindly come up with ideas for the same. We already have one in-house designer Sid aka Ravan who designed our BATOM Badge. Lets see who are the others!

As for the Blog-a-Ton format, we'll try to go with the existing one. However, if you have anything special going in your mind, you can dish it out here. But try to keep it as close to our existing and time tested format.

Then, how about mini Blog-a-Ton meets in different cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Pune/Mumbai, Kolkatta, New Delhi, etc. This one is too ambitious but if anyone of you is interested, then you can initiate discussions with those from your city. In short, you can volunteer to be the Meet Marshal for your city. Number of attendees won't matter as long as those attending can find a way to have some fun. It can be conducted on Jul 4, 2010 (Sunday). lf it materialses, then Blog-a-Ton can be conducted on Jul 3 itself and Jul 5 will be used for posting reports about the meets and other things like Hall of Fame etc.

The Comments section of this post is the space to dish out your ideas and concretise them by having discussions with all of us.

Even I'll keep updating this post with newer ideas as they spring up in my mind.

And yeah, I again invite you to join our new Facebook page, The Marshal to have Some Fun Beyond Blog-a-Ton!

Hoping to see you all there
Blog-a-Tonically Yours


  1. Blog-a-Ton meet is definitely a great idea!!! I would like to get in touch with interested people from Kolkata and Hyderabad...

  2. Well, I personally will love to drive to Delhi if there are blog-a-tonics around the NCR. (as I know there aren't any in Chandigarh)

  3. @Demented Actuary
    Me in kolkata.. and i am game for a meet

  4. Hope its in Aug! I won't be back in India till August! (Fingers crossed)

  5. Looking forward to a a meet in Mumbai. By the way Vipul how do you feel about the "Blog-A-Ton: Ton Run" (Bloggers who have been running with us all along) as a name for the wall of fame

  6. I'll be visiting india (chennai) but thats after jul 8th :(.. :-S
    I am new in here..

  7. Blog-a-tonic meet is a good idea. I can be a part in the Delhi meet if it materialize. Among other suggestions, the Hall of Fame idea is clickable.
    I will update here if my small brain also curves out something!

  8. This is innovative :) i belong to Bangalore

  9. wow! You have quoted my post ! Idea - what about best critic of the year contest - All blog-a-ton ics can nominate the best comment they received across last 10 Blog-a-tons and the blog-a-ton ic who gave the maximum number of favorite comments wins the critic of the year. If it works well - can be an annual feature

  10. How about the critics choice of the best post for the blog-a ton this year. All the winners are the critics. It can be a month long feature where each blog-a-ton winner will have to go through a number of posts. He will select some of the best ones. What we can do is suppose there are a total of 1000 posts over 10 blog-a-tons. Then each blog-a-ton winner will have to read around 100 posts during the course of the month and selects 10 posts. Then the other nine guys would read the posts selected by others and hence they come to a conclusion as to which post is the best post over the ten blog-a-tons. They cannot nominate their own posts. Hence we make sure we have a new winner this time!!!

    I know this is a huge task but well the thing is that most of the posts are already read.But incase we find it very difficult, may be only those posts are eligible which have won at least one vote. That way it will be easier to thin slice!!!!

    Think About it

  11. I belong to Kolkata but am in b'lore right now....

  12. Innovative idea :)...lets have a meet in Delhi..

  13. Hell yeah to BOT Meet .. I am in Bhopal but can be in Delhi for BOT Meet. because i also don't know any Blogatonics from Bhopal. Just announce the date and ambitious or not We will be there. When we can make make BOTOM a success then we can also work towards making bot meet a success.

  14. Hey friends.. sorry for such a late response and for not posting individual responses.. I was just waiting for discussion to build which couldn't happen.. but thanks for all the ideas.. I'll try to implement whatever is possible in the limited time!!