Tuesday, April 12, 2011

!~ Here is a Veteran Blog-a-Tonic ~!

"Am I a Veteran now?", I can't believe it.. but I am... “How good is this Blogger Label feature?” I am sure it is more than 100% because it always reminds me of my Blog-a-Ton counts and it all started when I met this girl in my office, ‘Nethra’, of Otiose Opinions and I landed on Blog-a-Ton after reading her post, ‘Call it luck’.

I felt the platform was unique, and a place where talent would be highlighted, so I decide to pen down from the next edition. My first take for Blog-a-Ton was a story on “What if I was provided with a topic – What If?”, and Debosmita suggested the theme and I penned the same. The journey then experienced a mission on “Is there an End to the World?” By ‘Time Travelling’, and found a friend ‘Vinay a.ka Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason’.

I didn’t stop instead went in search of a ‘Hidden’ word for ‘FRIENDSHIP + LOVE + CARE’, though I couldn’t find the word I found two more wonderful friends, ‘Scribbling Girl of My Personal Journal’ and ‘adreamygal of Prompted to write’, I should say two gems.

After trying to find the ‘Hidden’ word, I wished to fulfil the wish of a girl and as well as wished to find new friends. In wishing so I found my first critic, 'Vibhuthi of Klishmaklaver', ‘bloggerdost' and my blogging Mom, 'Amity of Dreams Are My Reality', a wonderful wish I should say.

Wishes are sweet when they come true but 'Goodbye' was horrible as I dedicated this post to Neha (my friend Ajay’s Lover), though she is not alive today but she still lives in our heart. Not everyone can be Neha and Ajay, “True Love Never Dies” and Goodbye were never a full stop in case of Ajay and Neha. Also, found a gem, 'Rachana of Humming Today'.

When Goodbye was horrible, she awaited for his ‘Return’ in her womb because her love died in an accident. The return was just a hope but I am sure he did return. My garden of friendship was populated with many new friends with this ‘Return’.

When everything went like ‘sad, sad’, I wished to express my love for Country happily and kept my promise with my love as ‘My Country - My Love - My Promise’. Many reciprocated the Love as friendship and resulted in pearls adding to my treasure.

‘It’s time to celebrate the victory of love as ‘Celebrations’ as the couple celebrated their first diwali in a unique and special way, say a wonderful way as it was appreciated by my readers and I am sure I will do the same in my real life too.

Sweet celebrations mixed with 'mysteries', the coupled experienced a mystery as they met a mystery writer, and it remained as a mystery as none of my readers found it but I unleashed the mysteries of my readers as I got close to them and looked for a 'change', ‘how the world was twenty years before’.

More than the posts I wrote, I found many gems in this 'journey' and it has seen tears after the results of Celebrations, Mystery and Journey, after those moments, the journey of Blog-a-Ton now comes to an end with the journey of Sachin. Happy to be a Veteran...Love you guys a lot, thanks for the support you blessed me these days. Happy Man... Signing off from here...


  1. hey, where has my comment gone?

    Congratulations SiS! Now you're a certified Batonic by being a Veteran BAT! Fireworks!!!

    I am also a Veteran now but how will they know? Lols!

    You have penned a beautiful journey of reaching this far! And thanks for the mention of me here son!

    Keep sharing, keep writing! You have the talent, innate in you!

    Have a great BAT experience ahead!

  2. That was quite a journey. Congrats! and thanks for mentioning me. :D