Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Blank Pages of Blog-a-Ton 28 Results Are Now Filled!

This Blog-a-Ton edition was exciting, and fun and a reflection of that was the count of entrants going to nearly 40 this time. I thank every one of the 39 entrants who took part and made this edition a success. Of the 39, 22 of you returned to cast your votes too, and even then, we had a tie for bronze between two stories, and that meant I had to step-in with the tiebreaker vote. At one point of the voting, there was a 5 way tie for Gold too. In the end, this is how the voting has turned out.

The results of Blog-a-Ton 28, here is the list of participants and the cheers they garnered:

25 participants have garnered at least one cheer under their name. :-) Rock on Blog-a-Tonics :-)

As evident, here are the three Blog-a-Tonics of the Month. Just Click on their names to read their respective entries.







Congratulations to the winners. Jaish, you ran Apala close, and were tied for bronze till the end of voting. Your story was very well written, and I hope to see you back here with more amazing stories for BAT29 too. Once again, I thank all for a memorable Blog-a-ton experience.

You all can also read the voting comments now. Just click here to find who all voted for you or liked your entry and what they had to say about it!

Stay tuned for BAT 29 which is set to begin soon.!

A Reminder - Have your number of participations reached 10??? Then you are eligible to be included into the List of Veteran Blog-a-Tonics.  Just drop a mail to "" & "" with the links to all your posts (or simply label all your BAT entries and send Marshal and Co-Marshal that single link).

Hope you all enjoyed this edition..!

Poetically Yours,
Blog-a-Ton Co-Marshal,


  1. Congrats to The Fool, Leo and Apala Sengupta! Good luck to rest of the writers.. Keep writing..

  2. Congrats Apala on winning On debut and Leo on yet another blog-a-ton win to the tally. Thanks a lot Ruchi, Kirti, Antara, TTT, Apala, Richi, Aaativas, Ranii, JJ and Shashi for voting for my post. I am so glad to hit double digit votes in Blog-a-ton for the first time.

  3. congos TF, Leo, Apala!
    i had a really tough time voting for this BAT; i liked so many posts!

  4. Congrats TF, Leo and Apala. Your stories were really very well written. Had fun participating, hope my association with BAT grows.

  5. Congratulations to TF,Leo and Apala. Well Deserved win.Keep up the good work.

    As many others said there were quite a few good posts and it was tough selecting whom to cheer.

    I am excited for two reasons - One, I lost the bronze by a tie breaker and two the Gold Baton Winner had voted for me :D ....It was fun participating in this BAT.

    Thanks to everyone.

  6. A big Congratulazioni to TF, Leo and Apala :)
    It was so much fun writing and also reading so many different pieces and how everyone perceived "Blank Pages"

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  8. congrats TF,Leo and Apala

    this was my 1st BAT
    enjoyed writing poem on blank pages

  9. Congrats to everyone. By the way, BATOM means lipstick in Portugese.:P

  10. Congrats to TF,Leo and Apala !!! This was my first time at BAT and I thoroughly enjoyed it :) Thanks guys !!!

  11. Congrats TF, Leo and Apala.:D

    @ Prerna Subramanian,HAHA ! that's funny :D:D:D
    does it really mean so ?

  12. Congrats guys! I am SO glad that i have participated in this! Met SO many interesting people, lovely blogs!

    Cheers to the marshals for keeping the torch going! ;)

    Congrats winners!!


  13. It was great participating and The Fool voted for me which is something as an award in itself. Thanks Rajrupa you are great story writer :)