Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blog-a-ton is Back! 40 - It's Topic Suggestion and Voting Time!

THURSDAY 25th JULY 2013, 22:00 IST

Guten Tag!! Blog-a-Ton is back from a small vacation we had to refresh our muse. We are doing great! We hope the same from you.

Welcome to all new people coming by and welcome back to the old hands returning to Blog-a-ton. I’m Sarav a.k.a Someone is Special - The Marshal of Blog-a-Ton. Well, time is ticking along, and we move to our 40th Blog-a-ton edition, which will be on August 4th, 2013. Looking forward to seeing the old hands back to writing, and new ones joining in.

The way we usually go about on Blog-a-ton is that we have a call for topics (IDIOMS AND PHRASES (3 - 5 words)) and then by voting, we decide on one of the topics as the topic for the month. After that, we give you a week’s time to write your post justifying the theme (TOPIC SELECTED) with a complementary post. Then, on the first Sunday of the succeeding month, you will publish the post on your blog, with our preset header and footer and come to Blog-a-ton and link your post in a comment. The week after the Blog-a-ton day will be for voting for 5 of your favorite blog-a-tonics from the edition.

It’s a one-day event each month, our dream is to get 100 participants in one edition, and our motto is to help writers to write better.

Well, in the last three editions the secret ballot went well, and we had a close voting than a runaway winner! I've decided to continue in this edition as well. So what is going to happen this time is that the secret ballot continues.

What you have to do is suggest the topics, IDIOMS AND PHRASES (3-5 words). Moderation is enabled, and I'll select the first ten topics that come. And we begin voting on that. If I find any topic to be inappropriate, or similar to that of a previous edition, that'll not come into the voting list.

Topics received so far.. Please start voting for any, or suggest a new one..

Topic Votes Count
  begin to see the light  1
what! you too?4
no strings attached1
no one is the chosen one
make a wish5
kick the bucket!1
who do you think you are?1
if only you knew
there is no such thing as perfect
one step closer

  • You can vote for any one topic.
  • If you wish to change your vote later and support another topic, you can do so during the voting time-frame. But you are allowed only one change-of-vote. I’ll consider only the second vote in that instance.
  • The voting period is from 11th July 2013, Thursday to 25th July 2013, Thursday 21:00 IST.
  • The topic that gets the majority votes will be announced on 25th July 2013, Thursday as the Blog-a-ton 40 topic. In case two or more topics are tied at the end of voting, my vote as Marshal vote will decide. This time, we are giving you 10 days to write your post.
  • The Date for Blog-a-ton 40 is AUGUST 04, 2013 SUNDAY from 00:00 IST to 23:59 IST.

Looking forward to a wonderful Blog-a-ton once again…

Poetically Yours,


  1. My suggestions-

    (This may look a tough one but interesting to see what people come up with)
    "To kill a mocking bird"

    "No strings attached"

  2. Hi,

    I would like to vote for "What, you too?"

    Neeta :)

  3. begin to see the light - Shreyasi Majumdar

  4. There is no such thing as perfect

  5. My vote goes for 'who do you think you are?'

  6. I suggest the topic "one step closer"