Friday, May 16, 2014

Thank you BAT - My BAT experience and its outcome :)

3 years back, this would have never crossed my mind that one day I would be writing this post, not even in my weirdest dream. If somebody would have asked then whether I ever think of writing a story or blogging. First, I would have laughed at him, then by squeezing my eyebrows I would have replied, “I don’t know how to write a leave application.”  I mean I was a person who would have written, ‘Dear Sir, because my headache is spinning and because of that fever is suffering, please declare one day holiday.’ Well that was an exaggeration, a little bit though. I mean, I would have never said fever is suffering.

Yes that was me. Today after three years, when I look back, I find myself amazed. Really it has been an exciting journey. There are many factors who contributed to this transformation and among all these factors I rate BAT as among the top contributor.

When I started blogging, I knew from the day one that I won’t be able to dedicate the time required to post regularly. I can speak on any topic but as far as writing is concerned I cannot write on any topic. I have stories to tell, but you cannot write one story every day, at least I cannot do that. And if I don’t post regularly I won’t get the traffic. Yes, there are many forums where you can publicise your blog posts. People vote for your posts as well, but do they actually read your post, I am not very sure.

Here comes BAT, which is different. Here at least you know that people read your stories and you can also find out if they liked it or not. It also gives an opportunity to read various perspectives on the same topic which ultimately becomes a learning platform. BAT has helped me tremendously to improve my writing. It helped me to give a shape to my pedestrian English. Out of the 10 entries till date I have won three batoms, each of them (Gold, Silver and Bronze) once.  I thank BAT for everything it has done for me. Thanks to Marshals and more specifically Sarav, for organising this month on month.  I thank all of you who have read my stories and appreciated it. 

Because of your love and appreciation, I could publish my book, “Sorry… Again??? – Can he purge his sins?” The eBook is live on Amazon, and it is available for free for three days starting from 15th May-12 noon to 17th May-12 noon.I would be thankful and gratified, if you read this book and blog your views. 

You can download this book from here : (its free free free for three days :))

You can view the details of the book from its Goodreads page from here: (I am on top of the world with the feedback I am getting :))

Don't forget to like its Facebook page as well: Sorry.Again

Sid is the inevitable effect of what a small town upbringing brings to the city life. A self-confessed “unromantic”, somewhere in his simple exterior lies a weak preacher, whose yardsticks of life change radically when the unpredictability of life starts experimenting with him. 

Anushka, armed with her unselfconscious beauty and poisons imbued into her life, has declared war on the world of men from a young age.

Their romance, even after her protest, is ignited by a train robbery that becomes unforgettable for reasons other than the robbery, catches the warmth because of an adolescent romance that reaches consummation, but remains within the periphery because of a live-in relationship that is on the verge of break-up. 

They fall in love, but somebody is not happy with their relationship. Sid is threatened. Will he rise above his fear this time?

Thanking all of you once again and awaiting your feedback/reviews. I wish my association with BAT continues as always.

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